Subscribing to Stream Digital Voice gives you access to our high-quality features like voicemail, caller-ID, call-waiting and 911 emergency services. Applicable taxes and fees are required.

To get even more from your Digital Voice service, we offer a number of optional ad-on services at an exceptional value.

Stream Digital Voice

Digital Voice Service $14.99 per month
Porting / Change Fee $24.99 per number
Second Phone Number $4.99 per month per number
Voicemail-to-Text $4.99 per month
Directory Assistance $0.99 per call

International Calling Plans

Pay As You Go Varies by country
Click to see our rates.
Digital Voice International (Unlimited) $17.99 per month


Hub - Internet Phone Adapter $99.99 each
Air - Wireless + Bluetooth Adapter $49.99 each
Bridge - Remote Phone Jack $49.99 each
Shipping and Handling - Standard (Ground) $8.99 per order
Shipping and Handling - Express (2 day) $14.99 per order


Regulatory Compliance Fee (What's this?) $1.74 per month
911 Service Fee (What's this?) $1.76 per month

Updated June 2017
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