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Legal - Last Updated: March 30, 2016

Transfer of your existing phone number, where available, requires a one-time processing fee. Stream Digital Voice and other enhanced features carry a monthly service fee and may require additional peripheral devices sold separately.

Unlimited U.S. calls are subject to normal residential usage limitations as set forth in your Terms and Conditions at International calls are billed per minute and must be prepaid. Directory assistance (411) calls are billed per call.  Rates for international calls and directory assistance can be found at

Stream 911 service operates differently from non-Internet 911 service. See for details. Some alarms, faxes and other devices may not be compatible. Additional terms apply; see Terms and Conditions at

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Stream’s Digital Voice service does not include high-speed Internet or broadband service. Those services are your separate responsibility.  Federal universal service charges, state and local taxes, fees & surcharges and regulatory and compliance fees are billed monthly and are subject to change. 

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