Stream Celebrates Business Women’s Day with a Salute to the Women in Corporate

Posted On: September 21, 2018

At Stream, we take pride in highlighting fearless women across every industry during every season. So what better time to show the women at Stream Corporate Headquarters our appreciation than this Business Women’s Day? 

September 22, is a day many honor the contributions, accomplishments and well deserved recognition of the millions of women in the workforce. Today, especially, we say thank you to all of the hardworking women behind the scenes at Stream; you each bring something unique to our company and help make it better each and every day.

Renée Hornbaker, Board of Managers Co-chair

Renée Hornbaker came to Stream in 2011 as chief financial officer after spending 25 years in accounting, financial management and business development. Last year, Renée joined the Board of Managers as her passion for Stream has continued to grow. She now provides her expertise to support Stream’s new and changing advancements.

Leticia Castellanos, Vice President and General Manager of Stream Energy Services

Leticia Castellanos joined Stream as vice president and general manager in 2017. Leticia is responsible for leading Stream’s strategic direction, focusing on customer growth, marketing, sales, pricing and oversees product evolution and profitability. Leticia also spends her time mentoring small business owners and business professionals in the DFW area.

Dawn Wentworth, Vice President of Marketing

In early 2015, Dawn Wentworth joined Stream as marketing director. In this role Dawn focused on creating a distinct brand awareness for our company across the direct selling industry. This year, she made the well deserved transition to vice president where she continues to implement processes and strategies that drive real results.

Cydney White, Director of Human Resources

Even though Cydney White has only been with Stream for a year, she has taken an active leadership role by implementing initiatives that move the company’s key strategic objectives forward. Cydney has enhanced Stream’s HR fundamental compliance-oriented functions and has smoothed out the internal client experience. She is also a teacher to second graders at Junior Achievement of Dallas, Inc.

However, these are just some of the amazing women at Stream. We want to thank all our amazing women working at corporate and in the field. You are incredibly valuable to our company and we can’t wait to continue celebrating your success.

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