Creative Tips to Keep Your Holiday Season Festive and Cost Friendly

Posted On: November 29, 2018

The holiday season is filled with decorations inside and outside the home, and as temperatures drop, we raise our thermostats to keep cozy in our homes. We have some tips to help you save money that you can put it toward holiday gifts or a little treat for yourself this season!

Stay Conscious of Your Lights

Switching to LED lights is an easy and cost effective way to reduce your electricity use by 90 percent. Remember to turn your Christmas lights on at night and off in the morning to also save energy. Consider purchasing a timer that you can manually preset so you don’t have to worry about finding your outlets in the dark and chilly weather.

Light the Holiday Right

Set the ambiance in your home and let your tree be the only light in the room. In lieu of lamps, use candles to light your space and fill the air with cheerful, holiday scents. Just be sure they are a safe distance away from anything flammable.

Holiday Party Planning

If you’re hosting a holiday party this season, plan ahead and turn down the thermostat. Having extra bodies in your home brings extra warmth at no cost to you! Baking for your guests doesn’t mean you can’t use every tray in your oven. Try cooking several items at once to reduce the amount of time your oven is in use.

Gifting and Traveling

When you’re picking out gifts for the ones you love, steer clear those that need batteries or use electricity, or purchase rechargeable batteries. If you’re traveling to visit loved ones for a holiday vacation, don’t forget to unplug your lights and turn off your thermostat to save some extra money on your energy bill.

Celebrating for the holidays doesn’t mean you have to pay more for your energy use. A few simple and fun changes could put money back in your pocket. That’s sure to put anyone in the holiday spirit!

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