Protect Your Identity While Shopping

Posted On: December 12, 2018

Protect Your Identity While Shopping

The season for holiday shopping is here! While you might be thinking of the perfect gifts for those you love, fewer people are thinking about how they can keep their identities safe! Over the past few years, research shows that about 17% of holiday shoppers claimed that their identity may have been compromised. While shopping can be fun, if you’re not careful, shopping online and in stores can also be dangerous and threaten your identity.

It can be tempting and easy to hit the order button on every website you see and to get overwhelmed with the amount of shopping bags on your arms. But have you stopped to consider how safe your credit card is or where you’re keeping your purse? Here are some tips to help you keep your identity safe this holiday season - whether you’re shopping from the comfort of your home or joining the crowds at your local shopping center, there is help to keep you on your best gift game!

Shop Secured Networks

No one wants to use their monthly data and risk running out before the month ends, but using your data could be safer for your identity when you’re shopping online. Public Wi-Fi is great for browsing the internet, but when you make purchases online you risk your information being compromised by hackers using the network. The safest way to purchase is to wait to make your purchases on your trusted network at home. We all want to shower the people we love with gifts, but that doesn’t mean we have to risk our personal information to do it.

Be mindful of where you purchase online! 16% of consumers reported that identity theft occurred on Cyber Monday. If you’ve ever bought something online, you might have noticed “http” or “https” in your URL. Did you know that the “s” means “secure”? This never changes, so even when the holidays are over and your shopping is done, this little detail still matters year round!

Be Cautious in Shopping Centers

Shopping centers during the holidays are usually busier than any other time of the year. With people frantically searching for great last-minute gifts, you’re more likely to lose your purses and wallets! To reduce the chance of being pick-pocketed, women should wear their purses in front of them, while men should carry their wallets in their front pockets.

Also, be aware when you’re walking back to your car. Things are less likely to happen in the middle of a crowded store, but you are a lot more susceptible to being robbed while walking through an empty parking garage alone with multiple bags of goodies. Shop with friends or ask a security officer to walk you to your car. You can never be too safe. It’s better to think ahead and protect yourself against people who are out to take your holiday joy!

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